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The green warehouse


Trumod presents their latest light steel innovation in onset from their very popular Warehouse in Box concept.

The first of its kind... The Green Warehouse!

This is a light steel frame indoor cultivating warehouse structure utilized for growing micro greens or hemp products, such as cannabis, under a controlled environment. The innovation has been tried and tested in Lesotho where the growing of cannabis licenses has been available for some time now.

The units are built to sizes of 300m2 units, however, the warehouse can be ordered and developed to custom specifications in strict alignment with national and international standards using consistent material quality resulting in a product that is truly world class.

This innovation is cost effective, light to transport and easy to assemble with no heavy lifting equipment required. All the necessary components are packed sequentially for your convenience along with clear and detailed instructions making setup that much easier for even the most modest of contractors.

The only additional material and equipment required is concrete for footings and equipment to control the internal growing environment, normally supplied by the appointed contractor. All major structural components are galvanized, meaning no painting and maintenance required.

In addition to Trumod’s standard Warehouse in a Box, the internal structure is cladded on walls and ceilings with high density rigid insulated white coated steel panels, allowing internal temperature control systems to work at its optimal and making this a green warehouse concept.

Externally the structure is covered with “Wide Span” steel roof sheeting and side cladding to the clients colour specification.


The Fastening System, making use of nuts, bolts, screws and anchors, eliminates the need for expensive welding practices. The lightweight structure requires less steel and concrete in footings adding additional saving. Small quantities of labour are required, and skills are transferred easily.

Construction sites are safer than conventional building practices and free of waste. Other than the concrete surface bed or concrete footings, the structure can be dismantled, reassembled, and relocated.

Trumod has a wide network of independent contractors, familiar with this Warehouse concept, and are readily available to assist in the construction of these units even in the remotest areas of Africa.

Non-flammable, non-combustible and energy efficient, this warehouse is built to the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material.

The warehouse can be utilized as Hydroponic Growing Facilities, Warehouses, Farm Sheds, Mini Factories, School Halls, Churches, Community Centres, Agricultural Markets, Storage facilities and can even be adapted to office space.

With quick assembly, 50% faster than conventional brick buildings and portal frames, and an insulated internal environment, it is clear so see that the Green Warehouse is the warehousing solution that will allow for the roll out of structures required for cultivating and growing Cannabis and similar products, faster, easier, more controlled, and most importantly more affordable than conventional systems.


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